About the Author

An aspiring fitness professional and Olympic weightlifter.

On a mission to educate the readers of this blog about correct fitness knowledge and proper exercise as well as nutritional habits through his blogs.

Is in his 20s and currently serving National Service in Singapore as an army officer but his full-time job is actually reading and studying everything related to exercise and nutrition, in the hopes of opening his own facility one day.

Dedicated to providing only the best training, nutritional information and coaching.

In case you are probably wondering:

What a scam. Turns out to be a waste of time, some dude proclaiming to know-it-all and being mistakenly arrogant about his pseudo-knowledge and even wanting to fake charity and generosity to share it.

I do not and never will claim to know everything about fitness. In fact, I know too little about it to be a legitimate fitness professional. However, the little I know, I have personally read, seen or heard about it as well as researched, tested and subjected it to my own battery of assessments, contextual tests and bullshit detectors.

In other words, everything on this blog is seconded by me. I will never write anything I do not believe in on this blog. If you read and practise the content on this blog, you have trusted me and I greatly sincerely appreciate it. After all, I author this blog for the audience.

So if you have any comments, suggestions and (constructive) feedback, please please please do let me know in the comments or through email. I will reply as duly and promptly as I can.

Why is he doing all these for free? Does he have an ulterior motive?

Taken from the page “About this blog”

I started this fitness blog because I feel there is a need for a free, reliable and accessible online resource Singaporeans from all walks of life can turn to for relevant fitness knowledge, advice and guidance on how to improve their physical fitness, refine their nutritional habits and take their training to the next level.

The internet is home to countless world-class resources and avenues that offer the best knowledge and instruction with regards to nutrition, proper dieting and training (sport-specific/physique/military) etc.

However, all too often, these websites are highly specialised in its area of interest. (Definitely not a bad thing; they exist to equip the elite with the best resources, not supply the average joe with elementary training advice). For example, the content found in a bodybuilding website will consist of mostly, as you guess, bodybuilding-related literature and media.

I hope that through this blog, Singaporeans will be enlightened and updated on the newest sports science and nutritional information available to them. It will be as relevant and informative as they need it to be.

For example, a frequent reader of this blog (say a 25 year old female) will stop going on daily 10km jogs to lose fat around her thighs nor will she perform 100 repetitions of situps so she can tone her belly. Lastly, for god’s sake, she will not bulk up and become the next she-Arnold and develop muscular biceps and shoulders just because she trains with free weights.

A male reader well-versed with my articles will not undergo a programme that consists of inclined bench press, decline close-grip dumbbell presses, Tricep kickbacks, concentration curls followed by 100 sets of pumping arms in front of mirror because he understands the importance of total-body workouts as well as the fact that he always leaves the gym with his muscles in an injured and weakened state, which will be repaired and built up in the kitchen.

Who the hell is the author anyway? Is he credible?

Much as I understand (and sympathise) that of course, everyone wants to know who the hell the guy behind the keyboard and all the articles is, I humbly refuse to disclose any personal information about me for the undermentioned reasons.

As stated, I am not a practising fitness professional (yet). Currently, I am only a full-time National Serviceman and future undergraduate student studying about sports, exercise and nutrition. Clearly, I do not hold any authoritative or recognised status to  coach you in sports, exercise and nutrition.

Right now, I’m still pursuing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification – my only certification as of yet. I do not want to impress you with any credentials I do not have. Therefore, knowing about me and my whereabouts will not help you in anyway. I do not offer personal fitness consultancy (yet) and will only be available for nutritional consulting services once I pass my PN certification examination and actually have time to professional coach clients.

So yes, I am as credible as a Steve Jobs in the fitness industry arena.

But just so you know:

If you read my blog, you will basically be reading the distilled essence of 70+ elite and internationally accredited fitness blogs and websites.

Yup, and 70 is a mild estimate. That is how much reading I do each week, with regards to this industry. I believe in continually upgrading my knowledge and skills so I can bring something to the market which no one else is able to.

Take a peek into the mind of a fitness-obssessed geek and learn a few important take-home points which you can apply in your own training, without having to read all those articles. Because, similar to what I said earlier, no one likes to stick their nose through piles of articles on how to squat 300kg  when they are just looking for the most efficient, fat-burning and functional exercise they can add to their routine.

Everything will be pre-analysed and contextualised for you if you are too busy (read: lazy) to do it.

Because yes, this is the purpose of the blog. Teach you what works and what doesn’t, so you can be bigger, faster and stronger.

How do I use this website? How do I maximise my learning from it?

Basically, the format of the blog will be as such: I will write a series of articles that is targeted at a small topic (pullup) which would be a part of a larger group (exercise) which falls under a main sub-component (Training) of fitness.

Or I would break down a major topic (for example, the Healthy Pyramid Diet into smaller topics (Carbohydrates, Protein and Fats) so I can discuss every aspect of the the subject matter fully, (hopefully) giving a clearer picture of what I am trying to convey.

Eventually, I will also link all the articles ranging from training to fitness and general well-being together and you will be shown how each article will help you piece together a larger and more complex puzzle.

Till then, I wish everyone all the best in their training and health.


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