About the Blog

I started this fitness blog because I feel there is a need for a free, reliable and accessible resource Singaporeans from all walks of life can turn to for relevant fitness knowledge, advice and guidance pertaining to their individual needs i.e. how to improve their physical fitness, refine their nutritional habits and take their training to the next level.

The internet is home to countless world-class resources and avenues that offer the best knowledge and instruction with regards to nutrition, proper dieting and training (sport-specific/physique/military) etc.

However, it is also host to numerous bullshit websites proclaiming themselves to be the best in the world when all their (I had to force myself to call it) articles are actually just deceivingly insidious sales marketing machines, written to delude you into thinking their products (or affiliates’ products) are the best and even provide fake or biased statistics to complete your brainwash process.

Fuckers, all of them.

So why don’t I just read those good websites you talked about

will be what you are thinking right now.

I have no qualms you will gain tremendous amount of knowledge from simply reading countless of articles from those reputable sources. Yet it must be brought to your attention that those good websites are highly specialised in its area of interest. (Definitely not a bad thing; they exist to equip the elite with the best resources, not supply the average joe with elementary training advice). For example, the content found in a bodybuilding website will consist of mostly, as you guess, bodybuilding-related literature and media.

As such, it can be a pain for an individual looking for general fitness knowledge to navigate through pages of advanced training and supplementation secrets. A 20 kg overweight guy probably will not find the best bicep-building preacher curl dropsets or elite competition-style dieting-down secrets particularly useful for him at his stage of training.

The lack of specificity is often the largest hurdle a person faces in finding the correct (level of) information he actually needs in bringing his fitness level to the next higher stage.

Sure, I’m quite certain every male on Earth interested in training would want to know what is the best muscle-building, fat stripping and strength increasing protocol in the world. (By the way, it does not exist)

However, it goes without saying that probably only 1% of said male population would need such advanced information or actually even follow these programs because they are NOT ready for it. Their bodies, even if conditioned from daily exercise, cannot handle the sheer stress and intensity the workouts require. Imagine what happens when a sedentary individual takes it upon himself to attempt an Arnold-style workout? Torn bicep muscles and rotator cuffs coupled with a diminished self-esteem sounds like a possible consequence.

I will explain further (down this post) on why too much information/specific knowledge can actually be detrimental for your development. If you cannot make head or tail of what the previous paragraph meant, yes, you are DEFINITELY NOT ready to pursue training at the elite, or even advanced level. Be content with learning how to execute the basic lifts the correct way.

Maybe you just want to increase your 100m sprinting time by 2s. No problem, in this blog, I’ll talk about speed development, how to generate power through training and how to improve one’s explosiveness.

Or perhaps, you simply aspire towards getting the much coveted IPPT GOLD award this year (after a streak of failures). Congratulations for choosing such a nobel goal. You will find specialised articles pertaining to how one should tackle the different stations, strategies on how to maximise your performance and how train the specific muscle groups that each station demands.

But lets face it: Typically, after being disappointed by piss-poorly designed training programs, the average misguided and frustrated guy reduces his initial loft goal from:

“Pack on 20 kg slabs of lean and bulging muscle, increase his bench press by 100 kg and transfer 5 inches off his waistline to his arm circumference so that he can look pretty damn fucking good naked in the bedroom

– to the last objective.

To summarise, human beings are greedy bastards and want to reap the most benefits (all the aforementioned) out of the least investment (time, effort and money).

They source out the self-proclaimed best and most efficient training program/diet in the world that gives bullshit promises such as GAIN 10 kg of muscle in 10 weeks without considering the typical demographic of the people on these programmes (mostly gym veterans with solid strength and conditioning )

As we all know, as explained, these poor souls end up wasting their time, money and effort, along with developing a host of health-compromising problems such as damaged metabolisms, torn rotator cuffs and pulled tendons, muscular imbalances and MOST IMPORTANTLY, reduced self-esteem and faith in future training programs or the fitness industry as a whole.

That is why this website exists.

In addition to your personal fitness goals, I can and will also educate you on the importance of balancing out your training in different domains of the fitness spectrum (body composition, endurance, flexibility etc), preventing muscular imbalances and other negative aspects of misguided training such as lack of muscular coordination and mental involvement by training your body to perform as one cohesive unit.

I will show you how to assess, experiment with and implement positive nutritional habits that will complement your lifestyle and help you achieve the best body you ever had. I will teach you how to develop proper support systems, self-discipline based adherence techniques and take self-developmental steps to making all your fitness goals a reality, one at a time.

And I do all these through writing a modular series of articles, paced and phrased to suit a Singaporean lifestyle, environment and culture, targeted at every topic and issue the gigantic fitness web encompasses. Free of charge. 24/7 on the blog without a need for member subscription.

Enjoy the ride.


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