Difference between sgfitnessblog and other fitness websites

Typically, (actually, all) the best fitness and training websites are found outside Singapore. No biggie. Understandably, given our nation’s small stature, how can we hope to compete with the vastly developed fitness industries from foreign nations?

When these authors write, to a large extent, it is also almost taken for granted that their audience resides in a place with the below conditions

  • Actually have access to their products (or at least stay in the same country) and services (If in the same state, possibly a couple of hours drive away to their facility tops?)
  • Live in a house; not a flat and apartment. A house with a garage/basement and at least a yard and garden for their dogs to frolick in. This is important because their readers will actually be able to create a decent home gym with the space for the necessary weights and equipment. At least they would have a driveway to drag their DIY sleds right? Or at the minimum, they would have the liberty to throw sandbags and medicine balls against walls. Now, tell me how many Singaporeans stay in landed properties. Good luck having a good workout with dumbbells and all without worrying about knocking your Ming vases over or disturbing your fellow neighbours (one more reason to not release your weights on your marbled flooring)
  • Schools (even for juniors) actually have a developed gymnasium equipped with sufficient free weights, weight plates, cable machines, nautilus machines barbells and snotty brats that stare in the mirror while doing curls (not kidding). In Singapore, how many teenagers are actually interested in training to be stronger as opposed to accumulating 500 kills in Modern Warfare 2? More importantly, how many school gyms have a power rack?

Singaporeanboy1234 asks: Wait, what is that?

  • Want elite personal fitness consultancy services? Drive for a few hours and have your life changed, forever. A sports and fitness industry filled with big names like Charles Poliquin, Eric Cressey, Chad Waterbury, Enamait Ross, Christian Thibaudeau, Alwyn Cosgrove, Michael Boyle and Icouldgoonforeverandever. More importantly, because of the vast expanse of accomplished and credible names, it actually promotes a strong networking system in the industry – You need expert nutritional consulting to lean out for your bodybuilding competition? Sure, I’ll refer you to a legend in that field, and as you guess, in United States/Canada/Europe etc
  • Developed sports scene and environment; they have these little leagues for popular sports such as baseball/soccer for their youngsters – much more varsity scholarships and plausible career expansion for potential athletes starting from high schools till universities. Sadly, since when did Singaporeans (and as a result, the world) give a shit about Singapore’s sports scene? Look at the attendence for  ‘A’ division canoeing competition or local university track and field competitions. Just how many coaches do Singapore need to employ for less than 20 junior colleges and handful of universities? How competitive and competent will that make our sports scene?
  • Equally strong domestic  support. Pops actually quizzes his protege on his baseball progress and the mum sits on the bleachers to cheer for junior as he runs to first base. In Singapore, typical dinner conversation goes like this:

“Why are you spending so much time on your CCA, huh? Canoeing very important meh?? You grow up want to be a canoeist ar? You better ace your prelims if not no more computer for you I tell you first!”*

*I apologise for the inclusion of Singaporean slang. We call it Singlish.

  • At least have prerequsite knowledge of certain sports such as Olympic Weightlifting. 7/10 in Singapore will think of the bench press when asked, “What do you know about Olympic Weightlifting?”

Okay, maybe olympic weightlifting isn’t the shitzzz. So tell me how receptive are Singaporeans towards bodybuilding or other weightlifting sports? Many of them simply don’t care about it – it (weightlifting to be specific, exercise in general) is not seen as a viable component in their lifestyle

  • Our students lead a far more stressful and packed lifestyle than almost any other kid in the world. With the endless tuition, compulsory co-curricular activities, enrichment classes, supplementary lessons and other commitments, who actually has time to train?? Here, school starts at 7am. There (Most of the world), school probably starts at 9am? Their post-school hours are also far more flexible and their lunch hours actually allow them to sneak a trip to the gym or after school while our kids worry about completing tutorials after CCA practice which ends at 8pm.

As a result, our sports culture is vastly different from our neighbours. Singaporeans simply do not view a career in sports or fitness industry with the same kind of open mindset other countries do.

We may share the same ratio of clueless gymrats and experienced athletes but once the former awakens from their slumber and self-destructing behaviour, they have a much straighter path to elite and I dare say, world-class guidance in helping them achieve their athletic goals.

(If Eric Cressey works with high school kids, I wonder how competitive that makes our secondary schools who sometimes go by without a coach due to lack of funding?)

Given the amount of bullshit the fitness industry churns out in the internet, just how do we expect Singaporeans to know who to look for, where to train and how to exercise with a simple search in Google?

This website aims to reach out to everyone (from scrawny teenagers but aspiring world-class athletes wannabes to housewives wanting to lose 10 pounds to loaded businessmen who cannot figure out how they acquired a potbelly despite having a 6 pack in their college days)

It will bring together nothing but the best fitness and training information from over 70+ advanced and specialised fitness websites, made available to anyone who reads it in small, digestible yet comprehensive articles with detailed steps and advice anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle.

In defence to the websites that actually balance out advanced information and research with beginner articles and advice; this blog does not claim to be the only blog for all readers of all training stages. In fact, there are several resources out there that actually provide a person who falls under any category (fit/unfit/athlete/recreational) with real-world and credible ideas on how to improve their fitness level. I will not deny this.

However, what I meant is this blog is possibly the only blog that understands not everyone has access to a prowler, tractor tires or even a power rack. I also understand not everyone can pay to include beef, salmon, organic vegetables and produce in their diet. Good nutritious food is exceptionally expensive in Singapore owing to the fact we don’t have any local organic dairy or vegetable farms. So how do you know where and what to buy? I’ll cover that in part of my series of nutrition articles.

/rant: Shipping costs can be such a bitch. Heard of that before? It is a common Singaporean grudge. Everything, almost everything, good supplements, food, gear and clothes have to be bought overseas. /endofrant

Not everyone has 2 hours to train everyday (or even half an hour) and lastly not everyone wants to browse through different websites geared at different specialities (nutrition, weight lifting, bodyweight exercise). This blog encompasses it all, and then some.

I will show you how everything can be done the Singaporean way. Can’t find the organic USA brand of peanut butter? Sure I’ll show you other equally delicious and nutritious alternatives you can find in Singapore.

Don’t know of a gym with free weights, lifting platforms and loud weights to train in? I plan to create a directory of all sgfitnessblog approved gyms/fitness areas that include SSC gyms, condominium and even fitness corners so everyone can find a convenient and suitable place to train.

Wrecking your head to find out how you can balance a nutritional protocol with a typical hectic Singaporean lifestyle (6am to 6pm)? I’ll show you how to plan your meals, where, what and when to eat. And if you have time to cook (you MUST), what to cook, what to buy, where to buy and how to buy)

It is that simple. If I have to think of an analogy of my vision for this blog, it would be that this blog aims to be the 10 year series for anyone wanting to pursue a healthy life full of fitness and exercise, in a way, that does not force the reader to conform, limit or alter his lifestyle in undesirable or unmanageable ways. (I won’t ask you to train two times a day unless you can afford to).

Lastly, I want to add, to any international readers (I wouldn’t dream of thinking that my blog would be so popular but just in case..) I hope you don’t go off thinking what a selfish blogger the reader is, blogging only to help his fellow citizens.

Please understand, the nature of my articles is such that it will be written in a relevant and practical way for anyone to put it to use. It is just that I might touch on Singaporean issues such as IPPT and training within our nation’s limits which I am sure would not be of interest to you, only because I am sure I will make it up by writing about a large variety of other topics that anyone will find useful.

This is all about the blog. Any comments, feel free to shoot me an email at sgfitnessblog@gmail.com


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